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Release - v2.0.0

To install or upgrade the SDK, refer to instructions here.

New & Improved

  • Added the ability for plugins to upgrade across plugin versions with schema changes. Some highlights:

    • Schema updates using data migrations.
    • Flexiblity for plugins to pick any release strategy.
    • Plugin upgrades supported across multiple plugin versions.
    • Zero dSource and VDB downtime during plugin upgrade.

    More details about Plugin Upgrade can be found here.

  • Added a new field externalVersion to the Plugin Config that allows plugins to display an end-user friendly version. More details here.

  • Added a new option to init to select a host type for the plugin (Unix or Windows) to make it easier to get started with plugins that support either host platform.
  • Added a new option to upload to block and wait for the upload job to finish on the Delphix Engine before the command returns.

Breaking Changes