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Scratch Paths

A scratch path is a directory reserved for plugin use on each remote host. This is intended for uses such as:

  • Storage of small amounts of persistent data
  • A place to mount VDB data
  • Temporary logs for debugging (Be careful that you don't use too much space though!)

The location of this scratch area is given by the scratch_path property on the RemoteHost object.

Things to note about the scratch path:

  • No guarantees are made about where the path is located on the system.
  • No guarantees are made about how much space might be available in this directory. It is strongly advised that you use only a small amount of disk space here.
  • The directory will be owned by the "primary user" associated with the remote host. This might be a completely different user from the one that is associated with a particular dsource or VDB.
  • If you need to store dSource- or VDB-specific data, it is highly recommended that you create a separate subdirectory for each dSource/VDB inside this scratch area. It's also recommended to name this subdirectory using the GUID of the dSource/VDB, so that you avoid accidental name collisions.
  • The Delphix Engine will not do any cleanup for you, so be sure to delete anything you're no longer using. For example, any VDB-specific information must be deleted in your unconfigure operation (and dSource data gets deleted in your stopStaging operation.)
  • Do not store any sensitive information here!