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Release - Early Preview 2 (v0.4.0)

To install or upgrade the SDK, refer to instructions here.

New & Improved

  • Added a new CLI command download-logs to enable downloading plugin generated logs from the Delphix Engine.
  • Added an optional argument named check to the following platform library functions:

    With check=true, the platform library function checks the exit_code and raises an exception if it is non-zero.

  • Modified init to auto-generate default implementations for all required plugin operations.

  • Improved build validation for:
  • Improved runtime validation and error messages for:

  • Added support for Docker based plugins by specifying rootSquashEnabled: false in the plugin config.

  • Added Job and thread information to plugin generated log messages to increase diagnosability and observability.

Breaking Changes


  • Allow access to nested package resources via pkgutil.get_data.
  • Fixed Out of Memory exceptions.
  • Fixed missing or incorrectly populated properties for the following classes:

    Class Properties
    VirtualSource mounts
    RemoteUser name
    RemoteEnvironment name
    RemoteHost name binary_path
  • Updated Job warnings during discovery to display the underlying Python exceptions if one is raised by the plugin operations.

  • Recreate the plugin's log directory if a plugin is deleted and re-uploaded to the Delphix Engine.
  • Mark incorrectly provisioned VDBs as unusable and prevent subsequent Delphix Engine operations on such VDBs.
  • Better error messages when incorrect environment types are used for Platform Libraries.
  • Better error messages when a plugin's schema is updated and the plugin is re-uploaded to the Delphix Engine, with clear instructions on how to proceed.
  • Fixed build failures on Windows.